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To ensure you can keep up with all the CES Windows Media Center orientated news we're sticking a nice little reminder here at the top. We'll keep it constantly updated with the latest links and information on what's being announced at CES etc. Since CES will be mainly Media Center and Media Devices orientated, we're focussing on that here at Neowin. Bill Gates's KeyNote will not be webcasted live however you will be able to watch on demand streams of it afterwards here.

View: Windows Media Center Extender Officially Announced | View Media Center Devices

View: Alienware Launches New Media Center Systems


Windows Media Center Extender Announced, MCE Extender products deliver the intergrated digital media experiences of your XP MCE PC - TV, movies, music, photos, and more - across additional rooms in your home so you can enjoy digital entertainment when, where, and how you want. See below for detailed screenshot below including codenames and description of codenames.

Bobsled - a set top box that runs through WiFi or Wired and uses RDP to connect to a host MCE

Luge - Bobsled built into a TV (LCDs, portable devices etc)

Xsled - a piece of software that enables RDP on the Xbox, to turn your xbox (included with remote possibly) into Bobsled. Whether or not the Xbox will be allowed to connect to non MCE machines via RDP is unclear.

Screenshot: Windows Media Center Extender Idea | Prototype Windows Media Center Extender Device

Download: Windows Media Center Extender Brochure

Video: Portable Media Centers in Action 56K | 110K | 300K

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