Windows XP is 54% faster than previous versions. Really!

If you are as yet un-decided on whether to shell out up to* $299.99 for Windows XP, Microsoft has some interesting propaganda material that claims Windows XP is up to 54%!!! faster than previous versions.

eTesting Labs Inc has found Windows XP to be overall the fastest version of the Windows operating system ever created for a wide-range of desktop computing tasks.

On average, Windows XP-based computers:

  • Run approximately 54% faster than Windows Me-based computers.

  • Outperform Windows 98 SE-based computers by 46% on leading commercial benchmarks, and by 27% at startup.

  • Perform equivalent to the record-setting speed of Windows 2000 Professional, even with the addition of extensive new productivity features.

Windows XP is clearly superior to earlier versions in all key performance categories. Among the lab's findings:

  • Faster startup performance: Windows XP is on average 34% faster than Windows 2000 and 9% faster than Windows Me.

  • Better run-time performance: This measurement refers to the speed at which Windows XP performs tasks while your computer is running. Improvements in Windows XP runtime performance are evident in application startup and time and resource management. For example, average application startup on Windows XP is 21% faster than Windows Me and equivalent to Windows 2000 Professional.
  • Memory and Performance:  In systems which include the recommended memory requirement of 128 megabytes of RAM, Windows XP is consistently superior to previous versions of Windows.

  • Windows XP offers dramatically faster startup and resume times, highly responsive applications, and other new features such as Fast User Switching and an enhanced user interface

View: Lab Report: Windows XP Outperforms Earlier Versions

View: eTesting Labs Inc reports

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