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RomboxX PC Interface Unit

Classic Arcade Gaming will never be the same again with the all new RomboxX PC Interface Unit. Bring back the look and feel of those classic original style video games that you use to play when you were younger.

RomboxX is built to last; all materials and controllers are industry standard, arcade quality pieces. The buttons and joysticks are supplied by Happ controls, the leader in arcade cabinet controls. The trackball is supplied by Imperial Betson, the same people that supply the Golden Tee trackball.

The base of the unit is built with 3/4" medium density fiber board covered in black Formica. The top is 3/4" plywood covered in black Formica. The top is edged in black "T" molding.

The RomboxX connects to your PC via 2 PS/2 cables, one plugs into your PS/2 keyboard port, and the other plugs into your PS/2 mouse port, there is a 3rd cable coming out of the back of the unit that your keyboard plugs into so you have full use of your keyboard while the RomboxX is connected to your PC.

At the heart of the RomboxX is Ultimarc's I-PAC, this unit simply turns button strokes into keystrokes allowing the RomboxX to work with all known emulators and any PC games that you can play with a keyboard or joystick.

The RomboxX measures 35 1/4" wide by 17 1/4" deep and is 5 1/2" tall at the back.


RomboxX PC Interface $339.95 plus shipping

News source: RomboxX website

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