WinDVD Platinum (Release 8)

Imagine sitting in the theater with the full screen and the immersive surround sound entering your ears. WinDVD 7 gives you the same sensation, the total indulgence of cinematic experience – either at home or on the road. Whether it's a Hollywood movie, art movie, or a home video clip, WinDVD 7 gives you the full power over the viewing and listening experience.

WinDVD is a simple-to-use software DVD player combining all the features of a standard consumer DVD player with some very advanced functionality only possible on a software DVD player. To see a list of these features, click on the comments button below.

Download: WinDVD Platinum (Release 8) | 54.7MB (Trial)
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WinDVD now comes with new improved Audio and Video centers that enable you to set up the audio and video parameters for a high-quality audio-visual experience. It is supported by a new additional control panel design that lets you configure the disc playback in a matter of seconds. A faster loading time brings additional improvement in the player design.

Video Center
Now WinDVD brings a new and improved video center to enable you to adjust, configure and enhance the video to make your viewing experience truly memorable. You can setup all the video parameters in a single location and adjust them while playing the disc to get the optimum video quality.

Audio Center
Similar to the video center, the audio center is a one-stop location to address your audio adjustments. This lets you choose your audio source, select a noise reduction technology, add special audio effects, and use a graphic equalizer to get the best possible audio quality.

Virtual Hall Effect
The virtual hall effect lets you enjoy your videos in the environment of a theater or large concert hall. You can select a specific audio hall effect or adjust the hall settings to create a dynamic audio effect.

Enhanced Audio Effects
The Audio center brings additional audio effects to bring quality audio to you. In addition to the virtual hall effect, WinDVD also supports IVI virtual speaker/headphone technology as well as a Dolby II and Dolby IIx.

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