Write! Beta 6.2


Write! is a minimalist Word Processor with Markdown support, productivity counters and multitab writing. You can think of Write! as a lightweight combination of a distraction-free editor, Evernote app, a bit of Wordpress post editing UI, some formatting features of Word, and even some IDE mechanics, from which we borrow how auto-complete or text folding works.

Write! features:

  • Custom rendering engine giving fonts on Windows some love.
  • Smooth cursor and scrolling is beautiful and responsive.
  • Compact mode for note-taking. Allows you to draft a blog post quickly or keep your grocery shopping lists organized. Can do both too.

Effective Navigation

  • Text folding to help organize document structure and keep you focused.
  • Visual navigator replaces the old-fashioned scrollbar, helps navigate quickly through large documents.
  • Proper text search that supports case sensitivity, partial matching and even regular expressions.

Innovative Spell Checker

  • Mix & match languages within one document. You can define a language for the entire document, paragraph or even every single word you type individually.
  • Helps you pick correct language: say, if you’re typing in Latin using a US layout, Write! will suggest you to switch the language into Latin.
  • Use hotkeys to jump between corrections as you would in a conventional text editor, only Write! gives you a more streamlined workflow to fixing spelling issues quickly.

Text Formatting Tools

  • Rich-text support: make bold statements, underline stuff or make things italic. Headings and other styles are also supported.
  • Link to web-pages, easily Google selected words, translate or look them up in a dictionary.
  • Simplified choice of colors hand-picked by our designers to look good.
  • Multi-level lists that are smart. Select & (Tab) to change levels of several items at once, split/merge lists, turn non-lists into lists easily.

Productivity Boost

  • Textile & Wiki syntax support which renders to rich-text on the fly.
  • Self-learning Autocomplete analyzes the structure of your document and gives you options as you type.
  • Excessive hot-key support so you would never have touch a mouse again.
  • Multi-Tab interface for multi-tasking people.
  • RTF and TXT files supported along with native wtt format.

Reliable & Customizable

  • Persistent sessions means that Write! would launch to exactly the state it was left in.
  • Ctrl+S is optional. Write! saves changes automatically as drafts for you to never miss a word.
  • Fine-tune Write! to suit your style.

Write! Beta 6.1 changelog:

Default Spellchecker Language

  • By default Write! defines the spellchecker language based on the keyboard layout that is active while typing or pasting text. In case you need to define the spellchecker language manually, use the option Default Spellchecker Language. If you use default settings and the language is defined automatically, sometimes the text you type or paste can be underlined in red. What you need to do in this case is to select the text, press the F7 button and choose the language for the selected piece of text.

AltGr Support

  • Starting from Beta 6.1 the AltGr button is supported in such languages as Lithuanian, Latvian, Czech, Slovenian, etc. You can also use it to type additional characters and graphic symbols.


  • Ctrl+Backspace issue
  • double-click opening of .wtt and .txt,
  • autocomplete problem
  • Other minor bugs.

Download: Write! Beta 6.2 | 33.0 MB (Freeware)
Link: Write! Home Page

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