YTK Lite v1.5 Build 400 Beta

YTK Lite is a free super companion by Torseq Technologies (makers of YTK Pro and VC Sync) for US English versions of Yahoo! Messenger v7.0 through v9.0 beta that adds enhancements, various security protections (for example, from Denial Of Service (DoS) attacks called booting) along with many enhancements and bug fixes for Yahoo! Messenger itself.

Other features included in this easy-to-use chat companion utility are enhanced privacy, unlimited safe list/white list, unlimited ignore bin, and font filtering. YTK Lite has support for 32-bit (64-bit version coming soon) versions of Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Media Center Edition, Windows 2003, and Windows Vista. The features of YTK Lite include the following...

General Options

- Launch YTK at Startup (starts up with Windows)
- Show Event Logger (external)
- Enable YTK alert Bar
- Gridline ListViews
- Set alert Bar Color
- Create YTK Content Tab
- Enable Audible Event alerts
- Show Mouse-Over Hints on Options

Chat Room Settings

- Enable Automatic Font Resizing (Set to 10 point only)
- Enable Automatic Font Effect Stripping
- Enable Tiny Event Logger
- Disable Auto-Voicing when I Join Chat
- Show Friend's Status Changes in Chat
- alert me when Buddies Join or Leave Chat
- Remove All Advertisements
- Enable Mic Locker in Chat
- Clear Chat Screen Hotkey
- Block Valid URLs
- Enable Smart IP Blocking
- Block E-Mail Addresses
- Disable Chat Room Word Filter
- Display Ignore Messages in Chat
- Window Filters
- Font weight
- Font Variation
- Chat Screen Background Color

Additional Settings

- Auto-Launch Captcha in Popup Box
- Enlarge Chat Room Text Input Area
- Enlarge Chat Room User List
- Automatically Retry Joining Chat Rooms which are Full (Room Knocker)
- Enable Voice Refresh Toolbar Button in Chat
- Enable Extended Emoticon List in Chat, PM & Conference Windows
- Chat Room Load Position Coordinates Left/Top/Width/Height
- Maximize Chat Window
- Allow for Quick Voice Ignoring of Voiced Users on the Mic
- Add these people to the Global Ignore Bin after Voice Ignoring
- Toggle User ID Case in Chat Rooms (on hold for now)

Anti-Boot Settings & Security

- Use TCP for Voice instead of UDP
- Enable Filtering for Yahoo! Messenger-related Crash Links found in Webpages
- Perform Packet Profiling (built-in)
- Enable Flood Cap Control (Off/Mid/Full)
- Enable Bootcode Debuffering Protection (BDP)

Global Ignore Bin

- Enable File Transfer Type Screening (to prevent downloading trojans, viruses and worms)
- Global Ignore Bin/GIB (unlimited storage capacity with virtually no performance hit)

- Global Ignore Bin Options: Add, Remove, Mark Safe, View Profile, Settings ~ Enable Ignore Cleaning, Exporting, Search, Clear All, Auto-Scroll with Updated Content
- Spam Filter Rules: Add Rule, Delete Rule, Clear All, Pattern Search & Filtering based on ID, Nickname, Location, Chat Message and Age content in user's profiles
- Ignore Chat Message Senders

Global Safe List

- Global Safe List (unlimited storage): Add, Remove, Search, Clear All

Chat Room Filtering

- Chat Room Filtering: Slider Levels for Block Duplicate Messages, Auto-Ignore "Bots" with Similar Names, Auto-Ignore Users who Flood the Chat Room, Enable Chat Room Message Inspection, Enable Bounce Bot Protection

- Automatically Ignore Chat Names which Excede 'x' amount of Characters
- Block "User has been Ignored" sent by other YTK users
- Show the contents of blocked chat room messages in the activity logger


- Connection Diagnostic Logging
- Unknown Packet Variant (UPV) Logging

PM Zones

- PM Zone Group Management: Allow private messages from this type of user, Block Private Messages from this type of user, Block Private Messages but save them for later viewing, Strip IMVironment content from PMs, Block "Buzz" PMs, Block PMs containing web searches, Allow only users that I have contacted to PM me, Block A/S/L in PMs

Invitation Zones

- Invitation Zone Group Management: Block/Allow Add Buddy Requests, Voice chat PM Requests, Webcam Invitations, Game Invitations, Chat Room Invitations, Conference Invitations, File Transfer Requests, Send Contact Details Requests, Contact Details Requests, Buddy List Send Requests, Photosharing Invitations, Audibles, IMVironments, Plug-ins, Yahoo! 360 Add Friend Invites

Offlines Zones

- Offlines Zone Group Management: Block/Allow Private Messages, Add Buddy Requests, Send Contact Details, Requests Contact Details, Requests Buddy, List Send Requests

Advanced Options

- Flush DNS Resolver Cache Entries
- Send Frequent Keep-Alive Packets to Improve Client Uptime
- YMSG Server Selector
- YMSG Server Port Selector

Privacy Settings

- Enable Webcam Fix (for lesser supported webcams)
- Block P2P Connectivity
- Disable Messenger's Local Log File

Webcam Options

- Webcam Options Group Management: Auto-Accept All Cam View Requests, Block All Cam View Requests, Only Allow Cam View Requests From Users You've Invited to Cam, Use Messenger's Cam Control Settings

Voice Chat

- Voice Chat Options: Activate Voice Lag Protection (VACs) when using TCP Voice
- Enable Voice Ignore Reinforcement

Miscellaneous Features

- Real-time YMSG Packet Meter
- Refresh Buddy List option
- 7 Built-in Toolbar Buttons in chat rooms.
- Adjustable Chat Room Screen Transparency
- alert Bar Transparency
- Refresh (repaint) Chatters List
- Clear Tiny Event Logger
- Clear Chat Screen
- Removal of User's Text in Chat Rooms
- Allow Voice of Chat Room Users
- Disallow Voice of Chat Room Users
- Lock 'n Mute toolbar button (for playing music)
- Built-in Chat Room Message Retransmission
- 28 Chat Room Slash Commands (Command-Line Interface)
- A Heavy Amount of Yahoo! Messenger Integration!

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Download YTK Lite: Download | 1.24 MB (Freeware)
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This is BETA software!, please use caution when installing it on your system

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