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Rich Woods
24 May 2014
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I love to talk about and listen to others talk about technology. I like to hear people's opinions, especially when they're different from mine. It's fascinating to me why people do or don't use certain technologies and what they do or don't care about.

I'm also a big Doctor Who fan. As I stated above, I enjoy listening to other people's opinions because I understand that no opinion is right or wrong. Only as we learn about each other's opinions while respecting them can we educate ourselves into having the most enlightened perspective; however, if you think the Doctor Who is not a good show, you are incorrect.

More than anything, that love of TV shows such as Doctor Who and Star Trek stems from a love of technology that has existed as long as I can remember. As a child, I told my parents that I would grow up to make games for Nintendo. I never worked for Nintendo, but I did start out as a programmer. I then moved on to blogging, as the discussion is the thing that I'm truly passionate about.

NOTE: Things get lost in text. Don't ever assume that I'm disrespectful of your opinion.

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