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    • Daniel F.

      I took a break from playing Borderlands 3 to pre-order Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order    
      · 1 reply
    • Microsoft BOB™ 10

      I got a new Lenovo Legion Y740 17 gaming laptop to enjoy Windows-as-a-Service 🤓
      · 0 replies
    • +warwagon

      It's 7pm at night, I decide to have a glass (coffee cup size) of red wine. It's now  7:07pm, I’m starting to feel it after the first 5 sips.  7:10pm, I come up with an idea, to enter a competition on Facebook. To enter you must take your picture in front of something this person created. (Speaking of competitions are we ever going to vote over in the photo section?).
      I thought why not scan in their business card, project it on the wall and take a picture of myself in front of It (it’s the best I could come up with and the only thing I had that they created).
      I tried to scan onto my basement PC but forgot the USB to the AIO laser printer was connected into a networked print server. I unplug the USB from the print server and plug it into my basement PC and scan the business card. Shortly after my entire network collapsed, no internet and I cannot connect to the other PC’s on the network.
      7:20pm, I had since consumed ½ the glass of red whine and by this point I’m buzzing hard and now I have to trouble shoot my network.
      I try the file server that is 1 foot from the router in the other room connected to a switch located 1 foot from the router. It connects and browses the web just fine. I then plug my spare MacBook pro laptop into the cable which goes from that room into the next switch, It works just fine too. I check the PC’s connected into that switch …nothing. I then disconnect the 3rd switch from that switch and things start working.
      I plug the 3rd switch back in and start a ping on my basement workstation and start unplugging ethernet cables until I get a successful ping. Unplug the first 2 cables… nothing. … the 3rd… BINGO…pings!!!.
      Turns out it was the print server. I had to power cycle it and everything started working again. Not sure what it’s issue was but it started the moment I unplugged the usb cable, probably would have thought of it sooner if it wasn’t so blitzed of ½ a glass of wine LOL.
      Anyway, that was my excitement for the night.
      · 0 replies
    • +warwagon

      Today, i'm installing Windows 7 on my Intel Celeron Nuc where it will live out it's life behind a segregated network, with just Ezvoice installed and nothing else. Ezvoice is my voice mail software that I've been using since 2007. So far I've found nothing better to replace it.
      I use it for my Business, Ezvoice records the caller ID info of people who call and send that info via a text message and an email. The email also includes an mp3 of the message. Using a google account strictly for voice mails I have records of everyone who has called me since 2007.
      Until today it's been running Ezvoice on my File server, with windows 10 1809. Tried to install windows 1903 but found out my voice modem no longer worked.
      Apparently in 1903 they did something with the Tapi support and I can no longer get Ezvoice to recognize my USB modem as having audio support.
      So i'll just put it on a Windows 7 Intel NUC. Should work great. I have no need to access on the network so it will work just fine on a segregated network. I'll still be able to access it with screenconnect if I need too.
      Fun Fact, back in 2007 when I first installed it, I thought the pre-recorded voice prompts for the menu's were absolutely horrible. He got some dude with severely broken English to record them. So I went through and for my own personal use, re-recorded all 70+ wave files. Then one day I sent a sample to the developer. He loved them so much he asked if he could use them in the software. I said sure! So i'm the official voice of Ezvoice
      · 2 replies
    • +warwagon

      So yesterday I moved my Thunderbird profile from my server back on my main (couch) computer. It wasn't horrible being run from the server, just the loading speeds were obviously crap and some of the filters would fail to load sometimes simply because I don't think those folders had been loaded / read yet. I have a pretty big profile. I think it's 8.5GB total with god knows how many sub folders probably 100+  .. mostly all filtered.
      The main reason I had it on the server is so the backup would run every night and back it up, as i'm using Thunderbird here and there throughout the day and I put my computer to sleep at night.
      But now I created a backup to backup the Thunderbird profile every night and to wake the computer up to do so. Then a few mins later I have scheduled task to put the computer back to sleep.
      P.S  God I had those old IDE laptops that have that stupid adapter that needs to go on the hard drive in order for it to get connected into the laptop. I always loose those damn adapters.
      · 0 replies
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