Ad campaign offering glimpse of next-gen Xbox? game on appears to reward visitors with glimpses of Microsoft's next-generation controller.

Last year, Microsoft intrigued some and infuriated many with a viral marketing campaign to help hype its now-multi-platinum Xbox shooter, Halo 2. The software behemoth tapped 4orty2wo Entertainment, a company that specializes in "immersive, entertainment-based alternative marketing campaigns."

In particular, 4orty2wo's forte is alternate reality games (ARGs)--what it alternately calls "search operas"--a form of interactive mystery which draws people into a narrative via hidden clues and cryptic messages. The first major ARG was called "The Beast," and was used to hype Steven Spielberg's film A.I. in 2001. It was cooked up by Jordan Weisman, then a creative director at Microsoft, his fellow employee Elan Lee, and novelist Sean Stewart.

News source: GameSpot

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