Meta is testing out new feature that makes Messenger 'BeReal'

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Meta is currently working on a new feature for Messenger which it is calling 'Roll Call'. This feature is a seems to be a clear implementation of what BeReal has as its unique differentiator as a social network, where users are notified to take a front and rear photo at a random time every day.

Messenger's implementation is not a direct copy and paste job of what BeReal does however, as it won't be notifying users to do this. The way it will work is that users can start a roll call thread in a group chat at any given time, with a prompt to guide the members of the group as to what content to share with a timed countdown.


Roll call is still an internal prototype for Meta however, and it may not even reach the public eye, but this isn't the first time that Meta has attempted to replicate BeReal's success, introducing Candid Stories into Instagram last year, and with Roll Call itself being tested within Instagram DM's in the last year.

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