AdDuplex: Surface RT still the most popular Windows 8/RT product

For the past few months, the online ad company AdDuplex has posted up data gathered from their network that showed how many Windows 8 and Windows RT products were out in the world, along with which ones were the most popular. The last such update in January showed the Surface RT tablet from Microsoft was by far the most popular single Windows 8/RT PC.

This week, AdDuplex posted up its February 2013 numbers, and the latest stats still show the Surface RT as the most popular device that's using Microsoft's latest OS, with a market share of 6.8 percent. The data was taken from AdDuplex's network on February 15th. And what about the Surface Pro, which launched a few days earlier? Despite the reports of sellouts of the Windows 8 Pro tablet, AdDuplex said that the Surface Pro was only the 52nd most popular Windows 8/RT product in their ad network.

HP still has by far the biggest overall market share of Windows 8 devices at 24 percent, and Asus and Dell are still tied for second place with 10 percent each. Acer is third with nine percent and Toshiba is fourth with eight percent and Microsoft is fifth with seven percent. Levono, Samsung, Sony and Gateway are next and all the other PC OEMs represent 13 percent of over 7,000 Windows 8/RT devices worldwide.

Source: AdDupulex | Image via AdDuplex

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