Adobe giving free Android phones to its employees

Responding to last week’s Steve Jobs’ public letter calling for an end to Flash, CNET reports that Adobe will be distributing free Android phones to its employees.

Though it is still in testing, Flash 10.1 for Android is well on its way to shipping near June with Android 2.2. Adobe is planning to demonstrate and release a public preview of the software at this month’s Google I/O conference

While Microsoft joined Apple in proclaiming HTML5 and H.264 “the future of the web”, Adobe is continuing to promote Flash for both desktop and mobile devices. To ensure the experience is as seamless and bug-free as possible, they will be providing free Android phones with Flash Player pre-installed to its employees. The concept is described as “eating one’s own dogfood”

It’s not yet clear whether they will be giving the phones to all of their 8,600 employees or just their developers. The devices will be “various HTC phones and the Nexus One”. 

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