Ageia PhysX Coming to Mobile Apps – Chief Executive

During an interview with ChileHardware web-site, Chief executive Manju Hedge of Ageia Technologies, announced that his company plans to offer a physics processing unit (PPU) for mobile applications, target the PhysX chips at non-gaming apps and offer third parties to integrate PPUs into a variety of devices, including graphics cards. Mr. Hegde said that his company has a plethora of plans to popularize its PhysX processing units, which apparently can do general-purpose calculations as well, among both gamers and non-gamers (including offering software that would allow running generic C code on the chips). Additionally, Mr. Hegde said that it is possible to offer PPU for mobile devices and that the company is in talks with add-in card developers ATI (graphics division of AMD) and Nvidia as well as Intel about integration of PPUs on other devices.

"The PPU can be used for accelerating other calculations in scientific, engineering and financial applications such as DCC [digital content creation], video encoding/decoding, financial options pricing, CAD applications, medical imaging etc. We are working with partners on each of these applications," the head of Ageia.

News source: Xbit Laboratories

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