Amazon gives update on Kindle Fire sales

The Kindle Fire continues to be a huge seller for Amazon, according to some new but still fairly vague statements in a new press release today. The seven inch Android-powered tablet has already sold "millions" of units for Amazon although the company didn't get more specific than that. Amazon also claims that it has also sold "millions" of its Kindle eReader devices over the holiday shopping season.

In December, Amazon said the Kindle Fire was the number one best selling item on the web site, followed by the Kindle Touch eReader in second place and the Kindle eReader in third place. The Kindle Fire tablet has been the best selling item on for the past 13 weeks, along with the most gifted and the most wished for item on the site for the same time period.

A number of authors who have self-published their own eBooks via's Kindle Direct Publishing service have done very well. Amazon said the number one best selling eBook for the Kindle was "The Mill River Recluse," a 99 cent eBook from author Darcie Chan. Amazon also said today that gifting of Kindle eBooks went up 175 percent between Black Friday and Christmas compared to the same time period a year ago. Amazon also said that Christmas Day was the biggest day ever for eBook downloads for the Kindle but didn't give specific numbers.

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