America's Army 2.70 "Overmatch" released

As promised (16 months ago or so) America's Army 2.70 code-named Overmatch has now been released. This is a huge update for the slightly long in the tooth free FPS from our beloved America's Army. This new update adds several new maps, Cooperative missions, tons of bug fixes, additions and you know, overall alot of stuff you probably don't care to read about!
In all seriousness, this is a pretty big update folks. The biggest new addition is the Cooperative play. Both Rangers and Special Forces will join together to fight "overwhelming" enemy AI forces that will literally outnumber the players three or four times. There are two Cooperative maps included in this update, Interdiction and SF Snakeplain which are according to the change logs only 9 player maps. 9 versus 27, nice. Of course, there will not just be enemy AI soldiers to deal with, but vehicles as well! Yes, this update adds vehicles to the game. The M1114 Armored HMMWV is one vehicle, along with mounted .50 Cal and Mk19 Grenade launchers somewhere in the maps. There is also another new normal multiplayer map named Steamroller, which is not included in the installer, but can be downloaded using the new in game updater, which will automagically download it for you apparently when you join a sever running said map.
There are several (six actually) new training missions, new weapons, and well, just alot of stuff. Really, alot. Oh yeah, and they added Situational Awareness Indicators to the game, which replaces the compass and will give the player a more "realistic" representation of the battlefield. Whatever that means. Oh and they added the first phase of the new Stats system! So all you stat whores from Battlefield 2 have another game to go nuts over!
The partial changelog is in the extended news area, since it's like 10 pages long otherwise. I am only listing a few download locations, as there will be literally a million of them, feel free to post in the comments section other mirrors as you get them. Be aware, this is a huge file, clocking in at 2.5 GB. And there is no update patch available, and I don't think there will be one.

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