Angry Birds Star Wars arrives on WP8 same day as iOS & Android, Windows 8 today

Angry Birds Space arrived yesterday on Windows Phone 8 devices making it about 7 months late compared to iOS and Android. However if you’re a glass half full type of person you might say it arrived precisely when it was needed, with the launch of Windows Phone 8 devices.

But fans of the game have a better surprise on their hands: Angry Birds Star Wars arrived today on WP8 devices and while that may not mean much to you it’s certainly encouraging to see.

The game itself is nothing special but there’s something more important here: Angry Birds Star Wars arrived on Windows Phone 8 exactly the same day as on other competing platforms. That certainly is a far cry from not so long ago when Rovio outright refused to announce their games for Windows Phone. Even better the game is priced at $0.99 exactly as the iOS version, which again is many times better than the overpriced versions of Windows Phone 7.

If the game is kept up to date with regular updates, this might mean that things are finally changing for Microsoft’s mobile platform and it’s finally maturing and sparking a lot more interest with devs than its predecessor ever did.

Another trend this points to is not so encouraging though. You might have noticed we keep saying Windows Phone 8 and not Windows Phone. That’s because neither of these games are available on WP7.5/older devices. This shows that even though Microsoft boasted original customers would not be left in the dark, an upgrade to the new OS is highly recommended as more and more apps migrate to WP8 to take advantage of all the new capabilities leaving original devices far behind.

In other news Angry Birds Star Wars has launched on Windows 8 today, allowing those on both the standard x86 processors as well as ARM-based machines running Windows RT to play the game. You can download it here.

Source: WPCentral

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