Anti-Piracy Company Backs 'Openness'

The company at the centre of a recent
'e-scuffle' around DRM has pledged to be more open in its actions in the
future. SunComm's MediaMax software was bundled on many popular Sony BMG music
CDs, including Kasabian and Britney Spears. When viewed on Windows PC, the
software installed (covertly) software that left users PC's vulnerable to

SunComm's software is sold to media
companies looking to protect their content from piracy. However, the software
had numerous weaknesses. The matter was brought to attention by Mark
Russinovich and the EFF, whom Suncomm are now working with. Kevin Clement, the
acting head of SunComm, told the BBC that "
we are pleased to be working with
EFF to ensure that consumers are notified of this potential vulnerability

The company will make the process of
uninstalling its software much easier, and will also give users the choice as
to whether or not they want to install their software. SunComm will also submit
all their software to independent testing before releasing it.

Sony BMG, who use MediaMax protection,
faces numerous law suits in the

from angry customers. SunComm's quite mature response stand as a fine example
of citizen protest at the encroachment of digital rights. The tiring attitude
of many a media company of treating customers as criminals could be coming to a
gentle end.

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