Antivirus software is dead and over 55% of attacks go unnoticed, says security expert at Symantec

A recent statement from influential Symantec manager Brian Dye, shows how he believes Antivirus software to be insufficient in today’s sophisticated cyberspace. Dye progresses to claim how hackers increasingly use unorthodox methods that result in around half of all attacks going unnoticed, even with antivirus enabled.

The company’s response to relentless hackers is their recently unveiled “detect and respond” scheme, working in conjunction with their “protect” system already implemented. The aim of this strategy is to minimize damage to the victim, while logging the attackers methods in a database for future protection.

Mr Dye stated how "Antivirus protection is not a moneymaker" and so Symantec is looking to other methods for bringing home the cash. This has resulted in an updated product line; one example being their proposal to sell intelligence to their clients. The company is also set to introduce a "response team" for compromised businesses that have suffered from a security breach. Their well established security software Norton Antivirus will remain a core part of their business model as it accounts for 40% of their profits. 

Since the 1980's, Symantec has played a key role in protecting users. The company discovered the method for the hacking of ATM machines through the use of a smartphone, only a matter of weeks ago. It's good to see Symantec still developing new services, only time will tell whether the "detect and respond" scheme will prove to be effective.

Source: Wall Street Journal via The Guardian | Image via epochuniversal


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