Greetings Testers,

We have news of a new build of AOL 8.0. Due to some bugs found in 4129.620f, the GM candidate, we have a fresh build of AOL 8.0 available for testing. Please go to AOL Keyword: Beta 8 to download 4129.640a today. We would like all testers to upgrade to 4129.640a to test this latest build for new and old bugs. As we are approaching the end of the beta test it is vital that all bugs are found and reported. If you find a new bug, or an old bug reoccurring, we want to know about it. Please report any bugs through the bug report form at AOL Keyword: Beta 8.


During Beta tests we periodically 'sunset' or block access to older Beta versions of the software in order to encourage testers to upgrade to the latest revision available from AOL Keyword: Beta 8. It is imperative that all testers are testing on the latest release of the software. This ensures that the bugs reported are current bugs, and not bugs that have been fixed in a later release. We would ask all testers to upgrade to the latest builds as they become available. As we are approaching the end of the AOL 8.0 Beta test, we will aggressively sunset the old Beta releases of the software. You will know if you are using a version due to be sunset, if you receive a pop up message encouraging you to upgrade your software at sign on. To avoid losing access to AOL 8.0, we would advise you to upgrade your software everytime a new build is released.

Kind Regards

The UK Beta Team

View: AOL 8.0 Plus Codename: Blue Hawaii (8th April)

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