Apple G5 ads banned from British televisions

THE INDEPENDENT TELEVISION Commission decided that the advertising was misleading "because the main claim was based on the results of limited tests" in which, it said the specification of the computers used was configured to give Apple the best results. The ban followed complaints from eight viewers.

The ITC says its IT expert found that, at best "the G5 was generally as fast as the best Intel-based workstations currently available." The ITC therefore decided that there was "insufficient evidence" to support the claim "world's fastest, most powerful personal computer".

The watchdog also said it "shared one viewer's doubt" that the claim could be substantiated at all because, "computers were constantly being updated and had many different applications and benchmarks". It judged that the advertising was misleading and required that it should not be re-shown in its current form.

News source: The Inq

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