Apple loses against Galaxy Tab 10.1; manages to ban 7.7 EU-wide

It wouldn't be a normal week in the tech industry without Apple and Samsung coming to blows. It's only Tuesday, and the two companies have already got themselves into something that'll get both of them more attention.

Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 kinda looked like an iPad, right? Apple thought so, and a court in Germany sided with them. That was all it took for the company to be able to ban sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the country, forcing Samsung to redesign the product. The redesigned model, the Tab 10.1N is now apparently not sufficient.

Apple would like to ban the Galaxy Tab 10.1N now, despite it being considered an acceptable redesign that did not infringe on the Cupertino company's design. Germany disagrees, this time. Apple's bid to ban the 10.1N has failed, after a judge in the city of Düsseldorf rejected their argument.

Galaxy Tab 10.1, and 10.1N. Take a guess which is which.

Back in February a lower court had rejected the same proposal from Apple, who took it higher in a drive to prevent Samsung's Android tablet reaching the market, even in a redesigned manner. Rulings have still went Apple's way with the Galaxy Tab 7.7, which was banned from sale in all 27 European Union countries. Apple has been fighting the tablet war for about a year now, in constant conflict with Samsung. Predictably neither company wants to back down in these conflicts.

Famously, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was allowed to be sold in the United Kingdom earlier this month, after a judge ruled the design wasn't 'as cool' as the iPad. Considering the reason the whole argument for banning the 10.1 was that it looked too like an iPad, the judge might just have provided people everywhere with an argument in either direction.

Still, Apple can be happy to have been able to ban the Galaxy Tab 7.7 in the EU. With how this dispute has progressed, Samsung is only going to hit back. If they didn't fight back, we might actually see an end to this, so don't expect that.

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