Apple ordered to stop selling iPhone/3G iPad 2 by German court

While Apple and Samsung may be doing a lot of fighting as of late when it comes to patents, Motorola is also stepping up its fight against Apple. A court in Germany has ordered Apple to stop selling the iPhone and 3G iPad 2 according to (translated).

The news is surely a blow to Apple as Motorola has put a stop to the sale of two of its hottest products. While the translation offers a lot to be desired in terms of clarity, it appears that the ban is related to a Motorola patent based around data transmission via GPRS.

How long the ban will be in place is unknown and most likely will depend on how quickly Apple can either license the patent from Motorola or work around the part that is infringing on Motorola's patent.

It was not long ago that Google made a move to acquire Motorola to help protect it's Android products from patent disputes. Seeing that Motorola was able to win an injunction in Germany means that they could potentially move to other countries with the same claim.

Apple has stated that they plan to fight this ruling.

Update: Allthingsd got a better translation, story states: "...the injunction applies to the importation of new iOS device shipments. It doesn't apply to existing inventory. And sources say Apple has plenty of iPhones and iPads on hand in Germany already..."

Thanks for the tip Sebastian Hoffmann!

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