Apple orders 100 million 8Gb flash memory chips

Another day, another Apple rumor. Oh wait, this one isn't a rumor. That's right, according to Digitimes, the Cupertino-based company Apple has ordered in a whopping 100 million flash memory chips from Samsung, in the dainty size of 8Gb.

So what does this mean, and why does it even matter? Well, to us consumers it doesn't mean much, except the glaringly obvious implication that Apple will release a new iPhone this year. However, to other companies, this poses quite an issue. Those wishing to get hold of some 8Gb memory chips will be hard pressed to do so, until the end of May, at the very least. To add fuel to the fire, the tightened supply of memory has caused prices to rise by 16% for the first half of April, although this isn't entirely Apple's fault; Nokia and Sony have reportedly been stocking up, also.

The chips are combined during the manufacturing process, to create 8GB, 16GB and 32GB sized devices, so we won't be stuck with poor storage.

Keep an eye out as there will, no doubt, be more Apple rumors doing the rounds tomorrow.

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