Apple plans to open data center in North Carolina

According to local reports, Apple is planning to open a data center in North Carolina, and would spend at least $1 billion in the state over nine years

While less than 100 people would be employed the number could grow in the future, creating the opportunity to for new jobs in the area.

Another local report states that North Carolina's Governor has signed a bill that would change the way corporate income taxes are calculated. The changes would give tax breaks to companies with a relatively small share of U.S. sales in North Carolina but which have large shares of their nationwide property and payroll in the state. This would save Apple $46 million over 10 years, $300 million if the project were to be active for 30 years.

"North Carolina continues to be a prime location for growing and expanding global technology companies," said Perdue. "We welcome Apple to North Carolina and look forward to working with the company as it begins providing a significant economic boost to local communities and the state.", said Governor Bev Perdue.

As we reported earlier, Apple is doing very well financially, and is also doing well in the education department. All this combined with the fact that they're planning to open a new data center is good news economically for them.

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