Apple takes aim at Redmond with Leopard

Despite the very similar release schedules for Windows Vista and Apple's Leopard, there has been very little hype surrounding the development of the latter, that is, until now. There is still over a month to go before Apple takes the covers off the next version of OS X, but a couple of screenshots, claiming to be from Leopard, have started the rumour mills buzzing.

One of the rumored features is said to be OS-level integration of a geographical mapping technology, similar to Microsoft's Virtual Earth. According to sources, Apple has been working on a similar approach, but modeled after Google's Maps feature.

Another rumored feature of Leopard -- one which appears to be shown in the unauthenticated Leopard screenshots -- is the unification of Apple's Address Book and iCal applications into a single app.

Still, the juiciest rumors surround Apple's Boot Camp and where the company may or may not take the technology. Although sources did not explicitly say that Boot Camp would be transformed into a complete virtualization solution, they did say the technology is being groomed as a rival to Microsoft's Virtual PC Express.

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News source: AppleInsider

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