Apple to unveil Video iPod at Macworld

When Apple Computer Inc. rolls out its new products next week before a throng of Mac enthusiasts at the Macworld conference, observers expect the biggest buzz to surround the smallest gadgets.

This year analysts and Apple watchers expect the iconic computer maker to unveil some kind of digital, handheld device -- possibly an extension of its popular iPod music player.

A new Macintosh computer, like the swiveling, flatscreen desktop iMac that stole the show at last year's Macworld, won't likely share the stage with Apple's charismatic Chief Executive and No. 1 salesman, Steve Jobs, analysts said.

Apple is -- as always -- tight-lipped about its plans, but it may unveil a version of its popular iPod music player that will play movies, said analyst Rob Enderle of Giga Information Group.

Another possibility, though far less likely, is a handheld personal digital assistant, but Enderle said that product will not come next week. Analysts don't expect any major computer introductions, in part because there is a good deal of Macintosh inventory in distribution channels.

"The one thing you can say for sure is that they do have a lot of product out there right now and they're going to be hesitant to draw too much attention away from their existing products" by introducing new ones now, said Roger Kay, an analyst at market research firm International Data Corp.

Instead, Apple may unveil the long-anticipated video-enabled iPod, which will likely work initially only on Macintosh computers, Enderle said.

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