Apple updates its notebook line

During its Notebook event at Apple's Town Hall today, Apple refreshed its entire notebook line, utilizing glass and aluminum on their redesigned models. The new MacBook and MacBook Pro begin shipping today, and will utilize updated processors, GPU's, and RAM. In addition, Apple has updated the MacBook Air with a new GPU and a bigger hard drive.

Along with these updates, Apple has announced a new LED backlit cinema display, with a similar aluminum and glass design.

The new laptops have a new kind of trackpad, discarding the button and instead making the whole trackpad a clickable button. The trackpad is also multi-touch, and made completely of glass for smoother tracking.

The GPU utilized in the new notebooks - the nVidia GeForce 9400M and 9600M GT for the MacBook and MacBook Pro respectively - is one of the newest offerings from nVidia. Apple is the first to bring these cards to market, and are promising up to 5x the performance of the previous Intel chipset offered in earlier MacBooks.

Along with the new features and hardware, Apple will now manufacture the laptops in a new way which they say will reduce waste and result in a more durable laptop. The new process involves taking a block of aluminum and carving out the new case. The process is more precise, resulting in a thinner and more durable build.

The new MacBook starts at $1,299 USD, while the MacBook Pro is selling for $1,999 USD and up. Apple is still selling the white, plastic MacBook for $999, and the 17 inch MacBook Pro maintains the classic MacBook Pro design.

Stay tuned for Neowin's review of the new MacBook Pro.

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