AppleCare+ now covers more instances of accidental damage

Yesterday, Apple held its special event dedicated to the Apple Watch and the iPad families, which also came with some new service-related announcements. One thing the company didn't mention during the event is that AppleCare+, Apple's protection plan that can be bought for most of its devices, has received a pretty nice update, which was spotted by MacRumors after the event.

Now, AppleCare+ covers more instances of accidental damage to your devices than it did before. Previously, the terms stated that you could get coverage for two incidents resulting in accidental damage every 24 months. Now, the terms have been changed to state that you can get coverage for two incidents every 12 months.

Of course, coverage for these incidents doesn't mean you get repairs for free, but it should be much cheaper than what you would pay otherwise. The additional coverage is a big boon for those that just can't keep their phones in their hands (though the new terms apply to all kinds of Apple devices, not just the iPhone).

Additionally, MacRumors also noticed that the Theft and Loss plan, which is an add-on to AppleCare+ for iPhones, has now unified its deductible for lost devices at $149. Before, deductibles would depend on what iPhone model was lost, ranging between $149 and $269, so this change is also a welcome one for customers.

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