Are pop-up ads allowed on Google? NO!

I saw this from a link on PlanetNexiz, thanks PM5K... Better late than never... ;)

Google does not allow pop-up ads of any kind on our site. We find them annoying. So why do they occasionally appear when you search on Google? Here are a few possible explanations:

  1. You may have encountered a squatter with an address similar to Google's. Occasionally, individuals will register domain names that are one letter off from a well-known URL in hopes of attracting those who make mistakes in their typing. Please be sure to enter into your browser and the pop-ups may go away. Or just add the free Google Toolbar to your browser by visiting
  2. Another possibility is that you visited a site while surfing, and that site launched pop-up windows in the background. These ads are known in the advertising industry as "pop-unders." When you came to Google, the windows may have become visible. Again, we do not condone this practice and do not allow it on Google.
  3. If you have installed some free programs, especially music-sharing programs such as BearShare or AudioGalaxy, you may have installed other programs as well. These tiny "time bombs" can show pop-ups at random intervals or based on anything you type on a web page. A brief description of these programs can be found in these articles: and,1282,49960,00.html.
We wish you luck in your quest to quell pop-ups. If you'd like more information on the advertising we do accept on Google, you'll find it by visiting this page: If you have other questions, you may find the answers on our frequently asked questions page.

News source: Google - No Pop-up Ads on Google

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