Atari opens up massive classic-game library

Publisher to release standalone Atari Flashback console and Atari Anthology collection this November.

Atari today announced two new products that represent the company's feet-first entry into the classic-gaming boom. This November, Atari will launch the console title Atari Anthology, featuring over 85 classic games from the company's long and storied past, as well as its own plug-and-play classic game console, called the Atari Flashback.

Atari Anthology, developed by Digital Eclipse for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, is the first Atari collection to debut on current-generation hardware and the first to feature games from both arcade and home systems. Boasting 18 arcade hits such as Asteroids and Centipede and console classics from Adventure to Yars' Revenge, Anthology is by far the most extensive collection of Atari's past hits ever offered. While no unreleased prototype games are on the list, some of the titles offered are quite rare, like Swordquest Waterworld and Quadrun (copies of the latter fetched upwards of $400 at the Classic Gaming Expo last month).

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News source: GameSpot

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