AT&T to launch new $10 International Day Pass

While the ability to use mobile devices when abroad has been available for quite some time, charges associated with international roaming have remained a sore point for many mobile users. This situation often encouraged users to locate nearby Wi-Fi hotspots in order to do their web browsing, reply to an e-mail, or make a free call via Skype.

Now, AT&T says it's "making it easier to stay connected when you travel" with the introduction of its new International Day Pass. For a flat rate of $10 per 24-hour period, customers will receive unlimited talk and text back to the US as well as the use of data included in their plan at no additional charge. Furthermore, the International Day Pass can be used in over 100 countries, including popular destinations in Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean, enabling travelers to more easily stay in touch and abreast of information while away from home.

However, those interested in taking advantage of AT&T's offer should note that an International Day Pass will need to be enabled for every individual device. As such, it could quickly end up being an expensive way to keep the family connected while on holiday. Also, regular travelers will have to take care not to use more than 50% of their total data quota while overseas for two consecutive months, as AT&T may deactivate the Day Pass.

Nonetheless, those already familiar with AT&T's Passport plans may find the new Day Pass a much better deal.

AT&T will make its International Day Pass available on Friday, January 27th.

Source: AT&T

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