AT&T to show off Windows 8 LTE tablet next week

Earlier this week we pointed out that AT&T and Nokia would be teaming up to support Windows Phone developers. After digging a bit deeper, it looks like AT&T is going big with a Windows 8 Qualcomm powered LTE tablet according to their developer summit schedule, (via

The news is clear and hopefully indicates that we will see more than just one Windows 8 powered tablet at CES, but at minimum, AT&T will be showing off at least one Windows 8 powered tablet for their network. From the dev schedule:

A Metro Style Hemi™ – Windows 8 tablets super charged with 4G LTE – 3:30 – 4:15

Attend this session and see how to transform the higher speed and lower latency of LTE into an amazing user experience. First, learn from Qualcomm about the power of their Snapdragon chip, and how developers can tap into the Snapdragon Developer Program to create rich Windows 8 apps that help deliver differentiated consumer experiences that capitalize on LTE’s potential. Then see how the intuitive elegance of Windows 8′s Metro-style application design has been layered over this horsepower. Finally, hear how standalone applications can be transformed on this powerful platform, converting independent programs into streamlined, integrated live tiles. Opportunities abound in this session for developers of connected apps; discover how AT&T and Microsoft are working to make developing connected applications easier.

Besides the basics, little else is known about the tablet but surely that information will be unveiled next week. While not specifically at CES, the developers conference is being held in Las Vegas which means that there is a high probability that this device will make its way over to the show floor. 

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