Battlefield Vietnam retail patch & servers v1.1.14

As promised, Electronic Arts has now released a new patch for Battlefield Vietnam, updating the 3D multiplayer action game by Digital Illusions to version 1.1.14. This hefty release adds the new "Defense of Con Thien" map with three new vehicles (OH-6 Loach and Ka-25 'Hormone' helicopters, and stationary M60 emplacements), the voting system from BF1942, server browser enhancements, balance tweaks, bug fixes, and more. Corresponding full installs of the Win32 and Linux dedicated servers are also available.

What's New:

  • Disappearing/duplicate missiles bug fixed. This was especially prevalent with

    the Mi8.

  • Fixed bug where NVA mobile tunnel spawns wouldn't appear for some players.

  • Punkbuster button is easier to see, and easier to select.

  • Multiple VO messages at connection time fixed.

  • Selecting the current weapon from the weapon menu will close the menu.

  • Splash physics against soldiers fixed. They now react with the appropriate

    force when a tank shell explodes nearby.

  • lowered 44 Magnum rate of fire to better sync with the animation.

  • Free camera prediction moved to client side to give smoother control.

  • Removed splash physics from friendly explosions when Friendly Fire is off.
Download: Retail v1.1.14 patch for Win32 | ChangeLog

Download: Win32 retail dedicated full server v1.1.14 | ChangeLog

Download: Linux retail dedicated full server v1.1.14 | ChangeLog

News source: 3D Gamers

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