BBC Seeks HD-TV Volunteers

The World Cup is just around the corner, and with only Telewest and soon Sky offering High Definition content for some channels, those of us that have splashed out on a new TV set will be left disappointed come kick off. Thankfully, a lucky select few in London will be given the opportunity to receive High Definition broadcasts through Freeview.

The BBC led initiative will offer a handful of Londoners not only HD coverage of England's World Cup matches, but ITV, Channel 4 and Five will also offer a High Definition service. The trial will only be possible because of the use of a low powered transmitter, which would cover some London areas, without interfering with normal Freeview broadcasts.

Participants wishing to take part in the trial will need to live in the London area and have a HD-TV already. The trial is planned to take place before the start of the World Cup finals.

View: Apply for the HD-TV trial
View: BBC HD-TV Overview

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