Nipplegate: new Tomb Raider delayed in US

Janet may have had her own Nipplegate, now Tomb Raider: Legend publisher Eidos joins the fray. The game's US release date of April 11th has been moved back after someone had posted textures of the game to a forum clearly showing nipples on a bare breast.

The game contains a chapter set in Tokyo, where several women are dancing in the distance. To keep it simple for the animators they had initially modeled all the women naked, so they could simply drape different dresses around them later. Why the breasts were there complete with nipples initially I don't want to know, but the funny thing is that the developers did their work right: in the final version of the game that part of the texture is not even mapped to any points in the meshes. Translation for the less-technical people is that it is beyond impossible to see the breast in-game, you can only see it when you are ripping textures out of the game's files.

News source: Xboxic

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