Bing Maps SDK for Metro style apps released

Microsoft's release of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview also means that app developers can start working extensively on Metro-style apps. Today, Microsoft announced on its Bing blog site that it has released a new SDK for developers that will allow them to add mapping support, via Bing Maps, to their Windows 8 Metro apps.

The new SDK will allow app developers to create apps with Bing Map integration using a variety of code languages, including JavaScript, C#, C++, or Visual Basic. C++ programmers will be able to use the new native map control in the new SDK. Microsoft states:

One of the unique features of this control is its client vector rendering capability and full hardware acceleration—our ‘road’ map style (as of this beta release, for the US only) is rendered completely on the client, providing for smaller network data downloads and improved rendering performance compared to tile-based modes.

In addition, Microsoft has given app developers "free and unlimited use of Bing Maps controls and APIs" for use in their Metro apps until Windows 8 is officially released. Developers can also download some SDK development samples along with full documentation. They can also upload their beta apps to the Microsoft Store.

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