Bizarre Confirm PGR3 Poly Re-Count

PGR3 developer are at it once again in the run up to the release of their Xbox 360 launch title. With their latest community update, Project Gotham Racing 3 developers Bizarre Creations have announced that they were previously wrong with the tally of 80,000 polygons used to create each car in the Xbox 360 title.

Now they proudly report that the enormous polygon count: 80,000 per car and that they have previously touted is a little bit wide of the mark. An average figure of 96,000 is more realistic, with cars like the Mclaren F1 topping out well above 100,000 triangles. That's ten times more than the count per car in the still very good looking Project Gotham Racing 2, where the average was about 10,000.

News source: TVG

Screenshot: Concept 1 | Concept 2 |Concept 3 | Concept 4

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