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Blizzard Avoiding WoW 360

Microsoft wants to see more massively multiplayer games on Xbox 360. Blizzard is the company behind the most successful MMO of all time, but despite fan pressure for a port, COO Paul Sams recently chatted with UK website MCV and said World of Warcraft isn't in the cards for Xbox 360 right now.

"We do not have any plans to take WoW to Xbox 360," he says. "WoW is built as a PC gaming experience. Porting PC games to console often compromises games, and we'd never allow the WoW gameplay experience to suffer." On the other hand, Square Enix seems to have successfully ported Final Fantasy XI onto both PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360, and many would argue the mechanics in that game are more complicated than anything in World of Warcraft.

News source: 1UP.com

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