British Parliament launches a computer game

Young people will soon be able to get a taste of what it is like to be a "MP for a Week", as the Parliament Education Service releases their own computer game. Commons speaker, John Bercow, is targeting the game at 11 to 14-year-olds, reports the BBC.

Using footage from the Commons chamber, as well as interviews with politicians, "MP for a Week" will allow players to experience the daily life of a backbench MP and be scored according on the effect their decisions have.

Players will be able to choose their speeches, use their mouse to get the Speaker's attention and even "face a baying pack of journalists". The game also includes footage of MPs giving advice to players, including Liberal Democrat Lembit Opik, Labour's Natascha Engel and Conservative Adam Afriyie.

"It's vital that young people understand the role of Parliament and the work of MPs," said Bercow. "Parliament has a duty, which should also be a pleasure, to connect with the public and MP for a week is an innovative way for students to explore our democracy."

Tom O'Leary, head of the Parliament's Education Service, believes the game will give students a better understanding of how Parliament works. "MP for a Week gives students an understanding of how Parliament works in a way that hasn't been attempted before - by letting players experience life on the back benches.

"By learning through play, we hope students will find the political process interesting and more meaningful to them."

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