Bungie replaces defective Halo 4 copy, which it didn't make, for fan

Bungie launched the massive Halo franchise for Microsoft with the original Xbox console in 2001. Bungie ended up making five Halo first person shooter games for Microsoft before deciding to part ways with the company. It's currently in the middle of developing a new game franchise, code named "Destiny" for publisher Activision.

It's somewhat understandable that many people who bought the latest game in the series, Halo 4, might think that Bungie had a hand in developing the game. In fact, it was created by Microsoft's own team at 343 Industries and released for the Xbox 360 in early November.

This weekend, Bungie posted up their first "Community Theater" video on their YouTube channel, in which their esteemed thespian in residence "DeeJ" read an actual fan letter Bungie received recently from "Timothy". Apparently, Timothy was complaining that the Halo 4 copy he had received for the holidays as a gift would not play on his Xbox 360 console.

While Timothy is certainly within his rights to ask for a new copy of a defective Halo 4 disc, he sent his concerns to the wrong party. However, the folks at Bungie did Timothy a big favor anyway, with DeeJ stating at the end of the video that Timothy would get a Halo 4 disc straight from Bungie's own library. It just goes to show that Bungie has no hard feelings towards Microsoft in taking over the Halo franchise.

Source: Bungie Community Theater

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