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CES 2009 Day 1 - Blogger Highlights

The Neowin team scoured the floor of CES yesterday. Me and the Stardock gang tried to visit the parts of CES that don't generally get as much attention. One doesn't need to attend CES to hear about what Microsoft, Sony, etc. are doing, everyone's covering that in depth.

So here are some of the things we found that you might find interesting:

LG has a really cool watch phone. Unfortunately for we Americans, it's Europe only. But totally cool.

Duracell was there with a bunch of cool solar battery tech. I could defintely find this useful when I'm away from everything.

Toshiba made some noise earlier on Neowin with their new DVD player that upscales and sharpens at the same time. But Hitachi stole the show for me with a tech called "Super resolution" that made regular DVDs look truly like HD. I was just shocked at how good it looked, far better than what I saw at Toshiba's booth. But it won't be out until 2010..

One of the big trends we're seeing at the show is 3D video, even on things not designed to be 3D. I think within the next year or so people will be increasingly playing their games with these 3D glasses on. Kristen, shown here, said that Guitar Hero looked incredible. I saw some racing games that looked amazing as well and they don't require any special versions of the software.

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