Chrome OS gets a handful of usability updates

In its latest update, Chrome OS is getting a plethora of usability updates that will be made available in the coming days. These enhancements include the addition of a new Diagnostics app, which can be used to check the health of the Chromebook's battery, CPU, and memory. If users find something wrong with the aforementioned hardware, they'll be shown relevant support articles. They can also save test results and share them in a session log with customer support.

Chrome OS updates

The Chrome OS launcher is also being updated, and it will now let users make simple calculations, check the weather, the meaning of a word, and stock prices through inline search results.

The enhanced functionality will let users directly scan items from their printer to laptop, simplifying the process of digitizing and saving important documents. The process is fairly straightforward:

"To get started, make sure your printer has scanning functionality and that it’s connected to the internet. Search for the Scan app by tapping the Everything Button. Once the app is open you’ll be able to choose your printer, file type and resolution. You can scan to your Chromebook over Wi-Fi or directly through a USB connection. (Bluetooth scanning is not currently supported.)"

The firm is also adding a Live Captions feature that will be added to "most" Chrome OS devices in the coming weeks. Once available, users can enable it in the accessibility settings to get captions for any media with audio inside their browser.

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