Claws Mail

Claws Mail

Claws Mail is an email client aiming at being fast, easy-to-use and powerful. It is mostly desktop-independent, but tries to integrate with your desktop as best as possible. The Claws Mail developers try hard to keep it lightweight, so that it should be usable on low-end computers without much memory or CPU power.

Claws Mail sports almost everything a perfect email client needs. Mail retrieval over POP3, IMAP4, local mbox, over SSL; support for various authentication schemes. It has multiple accounts and mailboxes, powerful filtering and search functionality, import/export capabilities using a number of formats, support for GnuPG (digital signatures and encryption). It supports plugins, customisable toolbars, spell checking, a number of guards to prevent any data loss, per-folder preferences, and much more. A list of features can be found here.

Formerly known as Sylpheed-Claws, it started in April 2001 as the development version of Sylpheed, where new features could be tested and debugged, but evolved enough to now be a completely separate program. It forked completely from Sylpheed in August 2005.

Claws Mail changelog:

  • Preferences: for the 'default selection on entering a folder' on the Display/Summaries page, the first new, first unread, and first marked message options are now sort-order aware.
  • Preferences: the previously hidden preference to 'Warn when sending to more recipients than []' has been added to the Mail Handling/Sending page.
  • Preferences: Toolbars/Compose window: Sign/Encrypt toggle buttons can been added to the toolbar.
  • Preferences: Fancy Plugin: allow stylesheet file/folder names to have spaces in them.
  • Account Preferences: a 'Show password' checkbox has been added next to the password fields.
  • Account Preferences: the OpenPGP and S/MIME preferences have been split into two separate pages.
  • Account Preferences: newline characters are disallowed in account usernames and passwords, and warnings are shown to the user if this is attempted.
  • Compose: more UTF-8 list-item characters have been added.
  • Address book: a 'Show password' checkbox has been added next to the LDAP server 'bind password' field.
  • GPG: full key/signature fingerprints are now shown instead of the short versions.
  • SSL Certificate Manager: added support for ipv6 addresses. [full release notes]

Download: Claws Mail (32-bit) | 24.0 MB (Open Source)
Download: Claws Mail (64-bit) | 30.5 MB
Links: Claws Mail Home Page | Other Operating Systems | Themes | Plugins

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