Dell: Our corporate customers are still upgrading to Windows 7

In less than a year, Microsoft will cut off official support for Windows XP and has been urging its users, particularly large businesses, to transition to Windows 7 or 8 as soon as possible. This week, Dell stated that its own corporate customers are still trying to upgrade to Windows 7.

CNET reports that Dell's chief financial officer Brian T. Gladden stated this week during the company's quarterly conference call with analysts, "I think you continue to see Win 7 on the commercial side of the business. It's driving a refresh cycle."

And what about Windows 8? Gladden hinted strongly that most of Dell's business clients were not making the move to switch to Microsoft's latest OS, stating, "Windows 8 has been from our standpoint, not necessarily the catalyst to drive accelerated growth that we had hoped it would be."

It's too early to speculate if this is bad news for Microsoft. Windows 7, which launched over three years ago, is now the dominate version of Windows around the world, but the overall adoption of Windows 8 has been slower than Windows 7. Only time will tell if the large corporate customers that Dell serves will stick with Windows 7 for a while or if they will finally choose to install Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

Source: CNET | Image via Island Dog

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