Rumor: Is Google going to go after Microsoft's Office Web Apps?

Almost a year ago, Google acquired QuickOffice, which developed and released a line of software productivity apps made for smartphones and tablets. Now a new report claims that Google is planning to launch a new and free version of QuickOffice that will work with a web browser.

ReadWrite reports, via unnamed sources, that Google's target with a new QuickOffice launch are Microsoft users and its own free Office Web Apps tools. The current app version of QuickOffice uses the same file format as Microsoft's Office software, and it's likely that kind of support would be put into the browser version as well.

Microsoft has been promoting Office Web Apps more than usual in the last few weeks, stating that it was planning to add more features in the near future, such as real time co-authoring of documents. In a blog post last week, Microsoft claimed that opening Office documents with the current app version of QuickOffice makes them look different than what the original file looks like when opened with Office Web Apps.

ReadWrite's article also claims that Google plans to add QuickOffice as a free app for owners of the Chromebook Pixel notebook, although that has yet to materialize.

Source: ReadWrite | Image via QuickOffice/Google

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