DFI goes for SIS graphics

Quoted from The Inquirer.

ALTHOUGH ATI HAS always boasted it had the first AGP 8X part, the real credit goes to plucky little SIS and its Xabre graphic line. SIS showed us these cards back in Computex -- and they worked just fine there [Unlike you, Fudo, as I remember. Ed.].

DFI is another company that wants to eat of the graphic cake, and rejecting ATI and Nvidia, it has chosen to use Xabre 400 cards for its graphic card line.

This will give DFI AGP 8X. The folks at Diamond Flower International will call it X400 T2 and you will be able to use it with all existing AGP 8X and older 4X boards that are on the market.

The T2 card will work at 250MHz for the core and 500MHz for memory and will use a 128 Mbit memory interface and will be dual display capable, using a SIS 301 chip built on board. It will have S video out.

The card will be DirectX 8.1 compatible and will feature Pixel Shader 1.3 while vertex shader effects will be CPU generated.

This card is likely to be quite affordable, and we'd like to review these Xabre products just to see how SIS is holding up. [SIS, that's a not-so-subtle hint. Ed.]

News source: The Inquirer

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