DirectX 9.0b Official Release

Following our exclusive preview of DirectX9.0b Microsoft has released the official version.

DirectX 9.0b is an updated version of the DirectX 9.0 runtime which includes bug fixes and improves performance in the graphics and networking components. There are no new or modified APIs in this release.

This Developer Runtime contains both the debug and retail versions of the runtime and is ideal for developers. The Developer Runtime provides the ability to switch between retail and debug DirectX components, both of which are important to use when developing DirectX applications. The Developer Runtime also includes the software reference rasterizer, which allows the 3-D graphics samples to execute properly (although slower) when your hardware does not provide the necessary functionality.

Download: DirectX 9.0 Software Development Kit with DirectX 9.0b Runtime

Download: DirectX 9.0b Redist

Download: DirectX 9.0b Developer Runtime

View: Microsoft DirectX 9.0b Download - Neowin

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