DoNotPay's 'chatbot lawyer' now offers legal help in all 50 US states

It wasn't that long ago that Joshua Browder, a British entrepreneur, started a service that saved motorists £2 million by appealing parking fines. To say the least, the service has been quite popular, attracting hundreds of thousands of users. While it has also operated in a couple states in the United States, today, the site launches to a wider audience, expanding its reach to all 50 US states.

Browder, a junior at Stanford University calls his invention “the world’s first robot lawyer” and is quite happy to provide legal services to people for free. While his bot could end up attracting some unwanted attention from the government, Browder is more concerned about lawyers that are in the $200 billion industry.

So how does the website work? You input a query like "I got a parking ticket" and it will search through 1,000 different categories to find you the most relevant options. In the above example, the website responded with choices such as whether a parking ticket needed to be disputed, a speeding ticket needed to be appealed, and more. As you click through the various options, you will eventually be directed to a bot that will try and gain more details about your specific situation to formulate remedial action, if applicable.

This is certainly a unique and helpful tool, considering that law can be very complicated and expensive in some situations. If interested, be sure to head to the link below and see whether it can guide you to a helpful solution.

Source: DoNotPay via The Verge | Image via DoNotPay

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