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Dynamics 365 Customer Voice unveiled, Connected Store now available as well

In September, Microsoft first announced its new Dynamics 365 Connected Store service, alongside Product Insights and Commerce. Around the same time, Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection reached general availability. Then, last week, the tech giant partnered up with Orion Systems as a way to enable customers to fully utilize Connected Store and the Power Platform.

At its Inspire 2020 conference today, Microsoft has made announcements regarding three services offered through its Dynamics 365 platform. Namely, these include Customer Voice, Connected Store, and Fraud Protection.

For starters, Customer Voice has been unveiled as a service that simplifies integration with Dynamics 365 and third-party business applications to help obtain real-time feedback. Ready-to-use templates with prebuilt questions, workflows, and reports are noted to be included out of the box. Feedback obtained through personalized surveys can be directly integrated with the Power Platform as well.

Moving on, the Connected Store is now available in preview as well. The AI tool uses computer vision and IoT sensors to help organizations gauge an understanding of their customers' behavior in physical spaces and deliver recommendations based on that. The public preview focuses on three main scenarios: Shopper Analytics, Queue Management, and Display Effectiveness.

New functionality in the form of Store Traffic and Curbside Queue has also been introduced to help prioritize shopper safety. Through the aforementioned, retailers are provided insights to remain within capacity limits while also maintaining safe distances. Vehicles that approach the store now also have their arrival signaled. Moreover, a new pipeline to more efficiently acquire and deploy a Connected Store is provided with the preview. For now, the preview is offered in the form of a software-as-a-service (SaaS) app, an edge device procurement, and a mobile onboarding application.

Finally, Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection now has two new features - Account Protection and Loss Prevention. The former helps safeguard online revenue and reputation by acting against fake account creation, account takeover, and unauthorized account access. The latter, meanwhile, protects revenue by identifying fraud on returns and discounts from omni-channel purchases so that they can be mitigated immediately. The service also has new pricing options to help add on new capability SKUs to a purchased, small base.

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