Earthstation 5 Claimed to be Malware : a reply

Last night, we posted astory which showed evidence that Earthstation 5, a file sharing tool which challenged the RIAA and the MPAA, included malicious code which enabled people to delete files on your computer. This morning, the developers of ESV have replied. An admission of the code is made, but it turns into more of a jab at the devloper of Kazaalite, another p2p file trading tool.

"Random Nut, AKA Shaun Garriok, the Author of Kazaalite, has been a vocal critic of Earthstation5 because of a continual online insult war between himself and some roudy Earthstation5 fans. This has motivated him to be extremely critical of Earthstation5. We at Earthstation5 desire and request criticism at any time in fact we demand it as we believe that is the only way to make software truly superior.

We at Earthstation5 are not perfect, but we acknowledge that Shaun Garriok might be and thank him for helping us root out bugs.

The problem with the Earthstation5 software that Shaun Garriok found truly exists, however the sordid motives he attributes to Earthstation5 are incorrect. The following functions were put into Earthtation5 to allow automatic, remote upgrade of the Earthstation5 software.

These functions are:

1) Reload Earthstation5

2) Shutdown Earthstation5

3) Delete a File

All of these functions are necessary to perform when upgrading software.

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Read more for the rest of the letter and our analysis.

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